Latest Rabbit Hole: AI & World Dominance

I talk with software reps and software users almost every day of my life. We typically talk about how they can improve their communication with prospects and customers and that often leads to how they can automate the process. That usually leads to a conversation about how the rep feels about receiving automated emails. Their answer is typically that they never see them because they're sent to their spam folder. So, I ask them what makes them think that the emails that they're sending using automation are getting through.

Some think that Automation is Artificial Intelligence (AI) without the Intelligence and AI has been pondered and talked about for quite a while. I've wrote Can AI Do Your Job in 2019 and AI in Marketing, Sales & Service in 2018.

Maybe someday, AI will take over, but today, the world is people interacting with people. So, turn off your automation for sales. Communication platform doesn't matter. Let your prospect select WhatsApp, email, LinkedIn, Twitter, text, phone, Zoom, smoke signals or something else to start. Take baby steps (one question per interaction). When appropriate, switch to verbal/visual.

If you have questions, you can ask me anything anytime!

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