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A week ago, I asked my son, Mark, where the recording went that I referenced in this blog post. He replied that he didn't know, but that this was his latest work on the subject. Please don't think that I'm a bad father. I know that thousands of people had already watched the video and a whole bunch were there to watch it live, but I hadn't watched it. So, I did.

Three things...

First, Mark and I think differently.

He thinks BIG. How to scale. Millions. Markets. Organizations.

I think: This rep. This customer. This conversation. I'm a small thinker.

Second, every organization needs at least one big thinker, but they need many smaller thinkers that are focused on their task at hand. Directors need to teach/coach their sales managers. Sales managers need to teach/coach their salespeople. Salespeople need to have meaningful conversations with prospects and customers. Everybody needs to 'show up' every day ready to do their job. Not their boss's job and not their subordinate's job.

Third, pay very close attention to Mark's golf story at 24:30 and the comparison to coaching salespeople. If you ask around, you'll find out that I've coached a few salespeople and also taught a few managers how to coach salespeople, but I've never done it blind and I have a process.

  • Step one, I evaluate them on 21 Sales Core Competencies.
  • We talk for 10-15 minutes several times/week about real live
    • Sales conversations
    • Sales calls
    • Sales emails
  • We adjust words, mindset, tonality, delivery.
  • Every call is on a singular situation, and answers the questions
    • Do they know what to do?
    • Can they do it?

Here's how it works. You have one coaching call. You fix one thing.

You have 50 coaching calls, you fix 50 things. You work with a rep for 10-15 minutes a day every day for six months, you fix over a hundred things. Before you know it, they're a rock star.

Tell your managers, "Focus on one thing. Personalize the coaching based on the rep's core competencies. Repeat."

If they need to see it done, contact me.

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