Marketing vs Sales vs Customer Success

Which of the three is killing you?

Remember Sam Drucker? Wikipedia says, 

"Besides being the town grocer, Sam Drucker is also Hooterville's postmaster, constable, Justice of the Peace, and Superintendent of Schools. And he is the editor, publisher, and apparently sole employee of the Hooterville World-Guardian, the town's weekly newspaper. He operates a "bank", which is merely a cash box kept under the counter in his store. In addition, Drucker is a fireman with the Hooterville Volunteer Fire Department, and plays the bass drum in the Hooterville Volunteer Fire Department Band."

His customers went to his store, told him what they needed or what their problem was and he fixed them. He also had catalogs for customers that needed something that he didn't have in the store. No competition. No haggling or negotiating. He didn't need to sell them, just find what they needed.

In today's world, Owner Ollies need to figure out Marketing, Sales and Customer Success. I typically suggest that they learn how to sell well. If they align their sales process to the needs and buying process of the buyer, and assure that their customers get their needs met (succeed), their customers will do the marketing and turn their funnel into a self-sustaining flywheel.

However, large companies struggle with the challenge of customer success and churn, especially as the founders get further and further removed from customers. Managers, directors and VPs are often paying closer attention to their boss than to their subordinates and customers until the customer doesn't renew, complains or stops paying. Then it's too late.

I just listened to Mark talk about this. It's always fun when his data supports my anecdotal experience.

The podcast is 46 minutes long. So, Mark is able to make many points and my hope is that it helps you understand that if Marketing, Sales and Customer Success aren't listening to customers with the same ear, speaking with the same voice and solving what the customer needs solved, you will struggle with churn and when you get everybody on the same page, your customers will help you build your business.

Here's the podcast.

If you'd like my take on how to get everybody on the same page, contact me here.

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