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Let's face it. A million dollars isn't what it used to be. So, if a million dollars isn't what it used to be, why even talk about it?


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  • 1.7 million Americans became millionaires in 2020 (during the pandemic).
  • Almost 92% of us are not and most don't have a plan to get there.
  • You will probably earn a million dollars during your lifetime, but if you don't earn a million dollars more than you spend, you will never be a millionaire.


If a million dollars isn't what it used to be, why are there so few millionaires?

(One side note: The US has 39% of the world's millionaires, but only 4% of the world's population.)

Why am I writing this?

Because today I read another article about 'How to scale your company'. It's written for founders and executives on how to get more sales. If you've invented something awesome and some shark will give you a gazillion dollars, go for it.

You hear "Solve for the customer". Well, who's gonna solve for you? What about what you want? Your company provides leads, but what they call a lead and what you call a lead are often two different things. How about getting leads that actually want to talk to you? How many of the leads that you get have already been contacted by multiple other reps all saying the same lines that they learned in the same company training class, or in a class run by some expert that the company hired to meet the company goals, without regard to 'solving for you'? I wish every sales candidate applying for a job would ask, "How many salespeople have you hired and how many are still working for you?" Don't be surprised when you hear that 80% are gone. Brighter pastures. Mismatch. Whatever. Focus on you.

Your First Million

Think about this. If you were a founder, owner or executive, would you want a process that 90% of your salespeople could do or one that only 10% could do? Of course, you'd pick the majority. Now, think about this. Only 8.8% of Americans are millionaires. Is it possible that they do things differently than the majority?

So, what do they do differently? They forget about their Eff'in Sales Quotas, They realize that their quota is meaningless. Here are a few stories about reps who have become rich by ignoring their quotas.

So, are you a millionaire? If you are and you're happy, feel free to share this article. If you're not, do you have a plan and timeline to be? If you do and you're happy, feel free to share this article. If you're not a millionaire and you don't care to be, feel free to share this article. Finally, if you are not a millionaire, but you think that you'd like to figure out how to be, read Is Your Dream Insane?.

If you have questions, comments or need clarification, just ask.

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