My 3 Step Plan to Rock December

May I set this up with two recent short posts to LinkedIn.

This is the first. He told me yesterday that he expects that he's got 75% of his PC goal for November after two weeks together and with a week to go in November.

This is the second. A different perspective... He needs to be at 225% for November and December. He's at 150% for November with a week to go in November and his pipeline says that December is gonna be huge!

Three steps....

  1. Whatever number of sales you had this year, you probably contacted at least 10 or 20 times that number of leads, 90-95% of which disqualified, didn't reply or went into hiding. Send every one of them an email that reads. "Looks like we were in contact earlier this year, but we got interrupted. This is the time of the year when my calendar is full of people trying to get things done by the end of the year. I don't remember where we left off, but if there's something we need to do by year end, would you reply as such? Also, if you'd prefer never to hear from me again, would you reply that way?" Don't send all the emails in one day. Space them out over two weeks.
  2. You will receive some replies which I will handle in #3. If someone doesn't reply within 7 days, forward the original email to the along with TWO WORDS. "No reply?"
  3. If someone replies to either email to stop contacting them, delete them. If someone replies more positively, ask them to refresh your memory. Do they remember how you got on their radar in the first place. It's really important to take baby steps and ask if they'd like to have a quick conversation to determine what's what.

That's it. I've taught hundreds of reps and Owner Ollies to do this.

Two other things...

  1. Why am I sharing this without gating it or charging for it? Simple. I'm old. 2020 will most likely be my last year working. I'm no longer looking to build a following or work with hundreds of people trying to sell more.
  2. What obstacles might impede your success?
Have fun and if you can't get over an obstacle, hire me, but my last day of work this year is Friday, 12/20.

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