November Sales Priorities

Will you be training your salespeople in November and December? Are you crazy? They're already short months and you're gonna take them away from doing the stuff that will help them hit quota? I wrote about this yesterday. With your permission, I'd like to focus on what you should do for the rest of the year.

Every day (either the night before or the morning of)

Either ask each rep what their top three opportunities are and ask their plan for each. Pick one and rehearse and coach them to prep for the call/meeting. If they don't want to share, look at their CRM and pick an opportunity to debrief.

Every day (either the night of or the morning after)

Ask each rep to recap each of the specific opportunities that you discussed. Determine whether they used your coaching and whether or not they 'got it'.

You'll find that daily before and after strategize/debrief coaching improves mindset, behavior and results more quickly than weekly sessions.

Use November for selling and to plan your 2019 sales training focus

Think about that for a minute. No sales training in November (or December). Deal coaching is much more likely to help you hit your year end number. Let your people focus on selling and gently steer them when/where they need steering. You can also use your deal coaching conversations to affirm where you need to focus your sales training in 2019. Look at this sample graph.

OMG Sell Comp

The circles at the top depict what percentage of the Hunter attributes, Consultative Seller attributes, etc. ABC Company's salespeople have and subsequently where they generally need help. The bar chart shows how ABC Company's salespeople compare to the competition and to almost 30,000 other companies. Imagine if you knew which competencies, skills and attributes your people were lacking in. Would that affect your training program? Would it help to know what your competitor's salespeople were better at than your salespeople?

So, good luck with your coaching and if you'd like a sample evaluation or want some answers, click the appropriate link.


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