Olympic Scoring and Sales

I was watching ice dancing last night and got curious about the scoring components. I Googled it and found a few sources. Then I started thinking sales.

I've always been interested in the best. I wrote about the Top 1% before. I've also wrote about the Olympics 10 years ago. Think about it. There are billions of people in the world and only about 3,000 are competing at the Olympics.

So! Scoring. I found this article about scoring ice dancing.

The ISU Judging System uses two sets of marks for each program. The short explanation goes like this: There's the technical element score (TES) and the program component score (PCS). The TES focuses on the difficulty and execution of the technical elements, like the jumps and spins. The PCS is more about the artistry of the routine, as well as presentation and interpretation (like how well the choreography goes with the music choice). At the end, both scores are combined for the total score.

That got me thinking about Sales Quants. How many of your salespeople have the technical elements but lack the artistry? How many of your salespeople can write the answers, but can't get prospects to trust them? How many of your salespeople sound like a recording when they're reciting their lines rather than engaging in real life conversations with their prospects?

Why? Maybe we can learn something from ice dancers?

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