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Do you know or follow any sales scientists?Were they scientists before they proclaimed themselves a sales scientist? Have they shared their formula for success? Have they said, "Do this. Do that. Bam! You're rich!"?

Many of these scientists pooh pooh stories as being anecdotal and irrelevant. I'm not pooh poohing science, formulae or data, but I disagree that real anecdotes are irrelevant. As a matter of fact, stories, especially from salespeople that are growing, can be more helpful than understanding the data or science.

Judge for yourself.

This story is about a rep that went from probation to promotion in 4 months. Can you do it? Do you want it as badly as he did?

You want to drive a quant crazy? Ask them to work luck into their equation. Here's two stories on luck. Can you get lucky? Would you even try?

When salespeople make breakthroughs, sometimes they're willing to tell the world. Sometimes they tell me and I share it with you.

Finally, sometimes when they're making progress, they start to have great ideas of their own.

Check these out from this week.

  • Depends for salespeople.
  • A client asked if I thought he should write a blog post about what he wants in his next sales manager? It's coming.
  • A marketing agency owner is asking "Are you small because you want to be small or because you don't know how to be big?" in their next blog post.

Finally, it's not all reps. Sales managers grow too.

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