Sales Manager Intensive (Summer Session)

Will your sales manager(s) grow their salespeople this summer? How many of your salespeople will suffer through the dog days of summer hoping to hang on until the cooler weather in the fall brings good customers back? Do your sales have to slump this summer? Check out these two articles, the webinar and, if you want, the sales manager intensive.

Let's start with your salespeople's Sales Core Competencies.

If you missed The 6 Hidden Sales Weaknesses that Limit Sales Results last week, here's the recording.

Dave Kurlan published this article about Sales Managers' Coaching Competency this morning.

Last summer, David Torres told me that he didn't want his shortcomings to be the reason that any of his people missed their goal. We worked together and he led his team to be the top team in a multi-billion dollar company.

So, what's this sales manager intensive.

  • evaluate your competencies as a sales manager and each of your people as a BDR, SDR, rep, AM or otherwise.
  • develop a watch list and priority list for the development of each of your people.
  • you and I will talk almost every day about coaching one (or more) of your people on a specific opportunity or situation using their CRM notes, your debriefing notes, their sales competency needs and your sales manager competencies. Our goal will be to have each rep have their best summer ever.
  • I will moderate a weekly group discussion between all enrolled sales managers on the topic of the week as suggested by the enrolled sales managers.

Enrollment begins today and is limited to 12 sales managers. No reps. No solos. Start here.

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