Hubspot Partners Biggest Fear = Is My Client Leaving Me?

"Many agencies get fired even though they produce leads.” - Pete Caputa


The leads aren't buying. They're not becoming customers.


Three reasons.

  1. Many partners are marketers, not salespeople. If their clients can't close new customers themselves, the agency doesn't have the experience to help.
  2. Many agency clients have salespeople that haven't been taught how to convert inbound leads. The old tactics don't work.
  3. There's a disconnect between who the salespeople want and who the marketing agency is delivering.

How do we know this?

Read on.....

When a Hubspot user hires us. We always find a new customer that's already in their portal on the day that they hire us. I'm not kidding. ALWAYS! Here's what happens.

They hire us.

We evaluate their sales acumen (or lack thereof).

They give us access to their portal and we start looking at their contacts, landing pages, workflows, lists, etc.

Here's where the magic happens. We tell them who to contact. We tell them how. We give them the words, the tonality, the style, the logic and before you know it, they're having conversations with real prospects that were already in their portal.

Why does this work every time?

We eliminate the disconnect. We teach the salespeople about bread crumbs and baby steps.

And a miracle happens! Somebody buys! Bottom line is that maybe the marketing agency was doing a good job, but just couldn't help their client finish.

If you're a Hubspot customer with contacts that need to be converted....

If you're a Hubspot Partner that lost a client because they had leads, but no sales...

If you're a Hubspot Partner that has a customer that needs help converting their leads to customers...

schedule a 30 minute call, no charge to see if we can help.

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