Value & Budget vs the Cost of Consequences

This is gonna get complicated. So, find a quiet spot.

Think about the way that you sell. Your stuff has all kinds of cool benefits and a huge amount of value. Right? As a matter of fact, if you add up the value of all those individual features and benefits, the total value is way more than the price that you charge. Right? So, why is there no urgency on the part of your buyer? Why can't they find the budget? Why don't they see the huge ROI in value vs cost?

Example #1

Elaine and I looked at a cottage at GRB 30-ish years ago. The price was $20,000. We looked at the same cottage a few years later after we had saved some money. It was then $119,000. Was the value there at $20K? How about at $119K? It was because somebody bought it and in 2017, that same house is assessed at $299,500.

What are the benefits of a cottage at GRB? A getaway? Good times? Rental income? Capital appreciation? What is the value of a cottage at GRB? Did the person that valued it at $20K realize that a few years later someone would value it at $119K or that it would eventually be valued at $300K? Do you think that the person (me) that passed on the $20K opportunity realizes that the cost of consequences of doing nothing was $99K? I missed out on a 500% ROI.

Example #2

A hot shot salesman (HSS) booked a call on my calendar on 4/21/2015. He was earning $250K/year and wanted to get to $500K/year. We had over 100 interactions. He was stuck. He didn't want to change. He wanted what he was doing to work better. On 6/28/2015, sent an email that read in part, "if we're successful, we're going to charge you $50-$100K, but you don't realize that if we're successful, you're going to add millions to you lifetime earnings" and I retracted my offer to work with him.

True story - He's back. A year and a half later, still earning $250K, still wishing he could get to $500K. Can you see that his cost of consequences of doing nothing is exactly $375K? He didn't spend $50-$100K and it cost him $375K.

Example #3

What is it about the way you work that is holding you back? Are you everything that you think you could be? Do your feet hit the floor every morning with confidence and determination or worry that today will be a struggle? What is your dream? Where are you? What's the difference? That is your cost of consequences of doing nothing. My kids went to good colleges. I have a beach house. I have very successful clients. I have a reputation. Regardless, what is it that you want bad enough to talk to me?

I just realized that we're talking about dreams on Martin Luther King's birthday. Thank you Mr. King.

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