You may have to read this twice

My alternative title was "You can't make this stuff up!"

I start most coaching calls with some version of what would you like to talk about?

Today, one of my reps said,

"I have several opportunities that didn't close last month and I want you to help me close them this month." (You should know that the rep and I have already debriefed and strategized most of these opportunities, but I took this as a 'light bulb' moment.

I asked, How many opportunities did you work last month? They said, "20".

I asked, how many new opportunities did you open last month? They said, "14".

I asked, how many opportunities did you carry over from the previous month? They said, "6".

(I hope you're sitting down.)

I asked, "Of the 14 opportunities that you opened, how many did you close?" "3"

I asked, "Of the 6 that carried over from the prior month, how many did you close?" "None"

When I asked about prospecting, they told me that they DID NO PROSPECTING during the last week of the month because they were trying to close the prospects that weren't ready to buy.

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

I'm gonna summarize, but you may want to go back and read the story again.

  1. Think about whatever fruit is your favorite. For instance a bowl of fresh strawberries. The first day they're on the counter, they're a beautiful red and taste delicious. By the end of the month, they're black and moldy and you don't want to know how they taste. Lesson: throw out the old strawberries and get some new ones.
  2. Focus on what works.
  3. Stop pushing prospects. Try this.

If you have a question, ask me anything.

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