Is your company in the 80% and needs YOU to get new customers?

Which 80%? The 80% that has fewer than 4 or no employees. If you're a solopeneur, just getting going and you haven't raised gazillions to hire 100 salespeople, how will you get your first customers? How will you prove your concept? What will you do today? next week? next month?

Can you relate to Kelly? 4 years ago, she wrote, I’m Not a Salesperson. I hate sales. And I loathe salespeople.

Is marketing too slow? too expensive? too complicated or ineffective in your world? 4 years ago, I asked Should you fire marketing?

This is not a new problem and it's getting worse.

Prospects are worried about being hustled. Owner Ollies are pulled in several directions. Marketing and sales continue to bicker and small business owners don't realize that THEY are the #1 reason that people don't buy.

On-line, email, phone calls, personal meetings, referrals, introductions, networking, social selling... How can a solopreneur or VSB know which will work for their customers today? How can they identify them? Attract them? Get them to engage? without being an expert salesperson?

Is it possible to stop selling and let people buy?

If this is you, check out this Special Dog Days Program.

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