5 Steps to Successful Coaching

So, how are sales?

  • Awesome! Best year ever!
  • Better than last year, but not what I was hoping for.
  • Same old. Same old. Hit my quota. Miss my quota. Still at it.
  • Might be time to look for a new job.

You ever wonder which of those answers results in someone hiring me to coach them and which become a lot more successful?

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Getting Prospects to REALLY Open Up

Sometimes, you have to walk into a freakin' wall before you get the whole lesson.

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Merry Christmas

My work year ends 12/15. What would you like? A referral? A closing technique? Role play a situation? Get a prospect that's gone dark back in play? Squeeze one more sale out of your pipeline? Help with setting goals? A fresh prospecting script? Something else? Merry Christmas! One call - no charge.

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