People Skills

Do you have people skills? Are they important? How do you know? I had a conversation yesterday with a guy 

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Should Newspapers Die?

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Coaching Secrets

I have many secrets. I don't usually allow coaching calls to be recorded or listened to because sometimes, my client will show me their soul, their deepest fear or a secret that they don't want public. It's wouldn't be appropriate to betray that confidence....

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Manipulation and Control

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High Pressure Sales

When my son Matt was 10-ish, he quipped, "Girls are different from boys."

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Conversational Blogging, Yoda and more

I've been watching Pete Caputa, Doug Davidoff and Carole Mahoney banter about 

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How to get fired the hard way

This story actually starts on 7/8/2013 when Jerome visited my friend's website. On 9/15/2014, my friend, who owns a marketing agency and is a Hubspot Partner was notified that Jerome had filled out a form and became a lead. They spoke and on 10/25/2014

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Red Flag for Sales VPs?

I got a call from a VP Sales recently.

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I forgot my anniversary!

Elaine and I got married on 4/7/1973. 4/7/2016 was a rainy day. So, we decided to work that day and celebrate the next day. So, look at one of the things that I did that day.


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Calling All Losers!

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