Are you $&#%%ing Me?

This has to be the dumbest email that I've seen this year!

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The #1 Reason Your Prospects Don't Buy

This story started Mon, Aug 24, 2015 at 1:29 PM when John filled out the contact form on my old blog archive.

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Totally Unbound Growth - DIY Road Map

I'll get right to the point.

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Cold Calls, Sales Lies and Denial

What have you done in the past week?

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#1 Rule for Growing Your Business

What blog titles attract you, "Three Tips", "5 Hacks", "10 Steps"? 

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Interesting Blog Posts

When was the last time that you read an article on a blog to which you did not subscribe?

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RainMaker and Sales Rock Star Coaching

Read this advice from my friend, John McTigue.

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Could you double sales in 40 days?

I'll be done with 2015 on 12/18. Look at the calendar. Subtract Thanksgiving. 40 days.

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Fast Forward. What do you see?

Two weeks into the fourth quarter. How's it going?

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My Columbus Day Rant

Do you find it annoying when...

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