Donald Trump vs. Paul Ryan

What a year...

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Tolstoy Says...

A reader sent me a private email after they read my last post. They included a quote by Tolstoy. I really wished that they had commented publicly, but they're not inclined to do so. So,

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Sales and Business Growth Conversations (Oct)

I hope that at least one of these three conversations puts money in your pocket.

Here they are in no particular order.

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Sales and Coaching Fails

Coaches fail for the same reason that salespeople fail.

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Can Your Managers Coach? 5 things...

Yesterday, I was talking with Carole Mahoney about her participation in the Future Sales Leaders roundtable put on by the Woman's Sales Pros last week. According to Carole, the #1 topic of discussion was "How to become a better sales manager and grow people." Not 'train' them on product or process, but how to help them on a 1:1 personalized basis. Now, we could actually ask the question from different perspectives.

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The Prophet Amos on Sales Coaching

So, yesterday, the deacon starts interpreting Amos' words in the first reading, where he talks about how God will not forget what all the evil people have done, but he talked about it from the standpoint of readers with three different mindsets. I found myself comparing those mindsets with the mindsets of salespeople, sales managers and business owners that we talk to. Enjoy!

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15 Sources of Content

If you're in business or sales, you've probably heard the words "relevant content" bandied about, but what exactly and how? Yesterday, Rick Kranz and Rachel Cogar shared

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Does your approach spook your prospect?

I heard David Sandler tease retail salespeople once saying, "...retail sales... You know, that's where the customer comes in and surprises the salesman." It made a lot more sense back when the most desirable salespeople were the hunters that could knock on doors, make cold calls and didn't wait for customers to find them.

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How do you know it's time?

My 'blog' thoughts are typically about sales, selling, understanding people, doing business and the like. For the past week, I've been distracted by thoughts about 9/11.

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Is your company in the 80% and needs YOU to get new customers?

Which 80%? The 80% that has fewer than 4 or no employees. If you're a solopeneur, just getting going and you haven't raised gazillions to hire 100 salespeople, how will you get your first customers? How will you prove your concept? What will you do today? next week? next month?

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