Is your company in the 80% and needs YOU to get new customers?

Which 80%? The 80% that has fewer than 4 or no employees. If you're a solopeneur, just getting going and you haven't raised gazillions to hire 100 salespeople, how will you get your first customers? How will you prove your concept? What will you do today? next week? next month?

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A Coaching Failure

Henry completed his sales evaluation on 8/16/2010. He was one of the first 12 Hubspot Partners to sign up for the training and coaching that Frank Belzer and I were doing. We eventually worked with hundreds of partners, reps, managers, executives and customers, but Henry was my personal coaching failure.

This is his story.

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VSB/SMB Struggles and Sucky Sales Managers

Last week Pete Caputa and Carole Mahoney published 8 Reasons You'll Never Get Better at Selling. Our inbox has been crazy with

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Free Sales Training @Hubspot and Sales Coaching @UnboundGrowth

August 1st. 85% humidity. Truly a Dog Day. Hopefully, this will help.

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3 ways to get references on a sales coach

Are you considering hiring a sales coach? How do you know if they're any good? How do you know if they know your world? How do you know if they'll be able to help? Who should you ask? How should you ask? Try these three paths.

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Dog Days Sales Coaching Program

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I hate webinars about coaching sales!

Why? Because they inevitably turn into a sales pitch on why you should hire the presenter. In case you don't know, Elaine and I moved recently into our new house at Goose Rocks Beach. The short story is

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Does Hubspot have it wrong?

Last week, Kobus van Eeden invited me to connect on LinkedIn. I didn't know him. So, I sent my standard reply.

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Buy Cycle vs. Shop Cycle

Objective Management Group used to have a link that explained the concept of a non-supportive buy cycle. Apparently, they've moved the link and no longer want people to read a simple explanation. It's OK. I'm going to offer a different take.

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Are your customers special?

Do little things matter? Do you do things inadvertently that make your customers think that you don't care?

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