How to become a Billionaire (metrics)

There's a gazillion ways, but 

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Are you a lighthouse or a tugboat

I was on a coaching call with a client while they were waiting for a flight. The call was short, but long enough for them to share a brilliant analogy with me. So, I will share it with you.

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Controlling and Directing with Questions

This scenario plays out every day in millions of households every day.

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Rude vs. Inconsiderate (2nd Obstacle)

Yesterday I wrote about the lack of trust and ability to develop relationships being the first obstacle to sales success. I intended to write about a short term mindset vs a long term mindset, but I had a conversation over the weekend that sent me down another path...

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10 Obstacles to Sales Success

The first one is a double-whammy.

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Professional Development Tuition Reimbursement

Good or bad?

Have you ever thought about the pluses and minuses?

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Do you offend your customers?

Today, a channel account manager wanted to "reset" his partners. So, he sent us 5 email templates that he was going to use to light a fire under their you-know-whats. The first one was intended for Disengaged Partners.

"When we first started working together, you stated that you wanted to add value by expanding within your current client engagements -- primarily through additional services. Are you on track to reach that goal for 2017?"

What does he want them to say?

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It's that time of year!

October.jpgLast weekend in October. Two months until the end of the year. Two months until 2018. What did you do this weekend?

  • Wonder how you were going to make your October quota in two days?
  • Wonder how you were going to bail out 2017 in the next two months?
  • Wonder whether you were thinking big enough or safe enough for 2018?

May I share a couple of recent stories?

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Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Mass Shootings & 4Q17

Have you been watching the news? My brother met Irma and Maria. My sister met Jose and Maria. My son's family were across the street from wildfires in Montana. Several of our clients have clients that were affected by the earthquakes in Mexico and one of our clients spent a week trying to help his relatives in Texas deal with Harvey and what the heck was Las Vegas all about? If I see the animals pairing off and lining up, I'm heading for higher ground.

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Prospects that "Go Dark"

Every day, somebody tells me, "We had a great conversation" or "They had huge pain" or "I did a great demo" and we established next steps, but they didn't follow through, they won't return my calls or they went dark.

Every freaking day!

Friday was no different.

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