Are Your Metrics Killing Sales?

I recently had a salesman share his metrics with me.

  • 3 proposals to sell 1
  • 4 meetings to get 1 proposal
  • 60-80 suspects worked 6 times to get 4 initial meetings

Then he asked

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One of our clients was making 'cold' reach outs on LinkedIn using 

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What's Next Emma? How does Sales fit in?

Emma's article got me thinking....

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LinkedIn Weirdos

They're out there.

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Sales Obstacles June 1, 2015

Ripped from the headlines...

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Mark Roberge: "Why aren't your customers successful?"

Did you listen to Mike Volpe interview Mark Roberge?

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Hubspot Partners Biggest Fear = Is My Client Leaving Me?

"Many agencies get fired even though they produce leads.” - Pete Caputa


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Should Salespeople Buy Hubspot?

Whether or not their company buys it.

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Inbound Lead Conversion

Everybody's trying to figure out why Inbound leads are so hard to close and 

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Mother's Day Quickie

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