Important Changes for 2017

Pete Caputa and Kevin Beales visited our house at Goose Rocks Beach in Maine yesterday to do three things.

  1. Appear as a guest coach on the UnboundGrowth Sales Lab. It was cool. They were awesome.
  2. Enjoy a lobster and steak lunch with Elaine, Carole and me.
  3. Share ideas and experiences about what companies need to do to grow sales in 2017.

It was a great day! Here's what happened.

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Do You Need a Sales Exorcism?

Sometimes, various streams of consciousness merge and become an explanation or an understanding.

I was copied on an email exchange between Carole and a long time blog reader, turned client, turned evangelist. Let's call him Regan.

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Customer and Client Referrals

I received this email at 1 PM on Thanksgiving Eve.

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Understanding @UnboundGrowth at 30, 40 or 50

How old are you? How is your age affecting your view of the world? How is it affecting your business? your success? your ability to grow personally? professionally? financially? As you wrap up 2016 and look toward 2017, how would you describe yourself? Refreshed? Resigned?

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2017 Growth Questions

58 days until 2017... Do you work weekends? Subtract 17 Saturdays and Sundays. 41 days.

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Donald Trump vs. Paul Ryan

What a year...

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Tolstoy Says...

A reader sent me a private email after they read my last post. They included a quote by Tolstoy. I really wished that they had commented publicly, but they're not inclined to do so. So,

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Sales and Business Growth Conversations (Oct)

I hope that at least one of these three conversations puts money in your pocket.

Here they are in no particular order.

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Sales and Coaching Fails

Coaches fail for the same reason that salespeople fail.

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Can Your Managers Coach? 5 things...

Yesterday, I was talking with Carole Mahoney about her participation in the Future Sales Leaders roundtable put on by the Woman's Sales Pros last week. According to Carole, the #1 topic of discussion was "How to become a better sales manager and grow people." Not 'train' them on product or process, but how to help them on a 1:1 personalized basis. Now, we could actually ask the question from different perspectives.

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