GoDaddy vs Hubspot (A Customer Service Story)

As you know, I recently moved my blog from GoDaddy's Quick Blogcast platform to Hubspot's platform. I had looked into it before and it seemed to complicated for me. So, I didn't, but recently, a GoDaddy rep mentioned that they were eliminating the Quick Blogcast platform and suggesting that users switch to WordPress. I don't have anything against WordPress, but I do have reasons to prefer Hubspot. So, I asked Melissa at Inbound Design Studio if she would help me with the migration. This is where the story begins.

On January 16th, Melissa and I used the GoDaddy export tool to export my blog. It didn't work. We needed an xml file (whatever that is) and we had a text file. We called GoDaddy and spoke with Kristine. She told me that there was nothing in here help database and that nobody at GoDaddy could help us. After we hung up, I received the standard, "How did we do?" customer service email, but I was already busy on Twitter.

GoDaddy Tweet resized 600

Then this...

GoDaddy String resized 600

As it turns out, my tweet got the attention of Alon, a very capable, technically savvy guy at Godaddy. He worked with Melissa and found a solution and now you can find me here.

So, why am I sharing? Why might this be important?

  1. I've always been pleased with GoDaddy's customer service before that day and I couldn't believe that nobody at GoDaddy knew what an xml file was and how to export to one. If Kristine had said, "I don't know but let me escalate this." She'd have found Alon and she'd have been the hero instead of Alon. So, my suggestion is don't let your front line people say, "I can't help you." unless they're going to add, "Let me see if we have anybody that know's what to do."

  2. Don't go it alone. Once Alon got involved, I handed the phone to Melissa and she handled it. I'd still be trying to figure out what an xml file was.

  3. Use social media. It took 15 minutes to get a response from somebody who cared.

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