Sales Leads Entitlement watched part of “Meet the Press” this weekend, and learned that Supreme Court Justice Scalia had said something like “…racial entitlement was difficult to undo”. It got me thinking about entitlement(s) in general.

Remember this scene and quote from "A Few Good Men"?

That led me to write "Selling Entitlement".

My mother has often told me, "God helps those who help themselves."

So, here's my question today. Do your salespeople feel 'entitled' to leads? Have they become 100% dependent on the "Sales Leads" that you provide?

Here's another question. Is your salesperson's reputation bigger with you or with your customers? (That question might be a whole new blog post, but not today.)

As you may know, I'm pretty active on LinkedIn and when somebody looks at my profile, I typically ask them what brought them by. These are excerpts from recent answers.

"I have noticed and have read your comments in the Hubspot Partner Program. I like the way you think and enjoy your insights."

"I remember meeting you about 2-3 years ago. We met only once but it was enough to understand your talent as someone that can mentor an un polishes sales star."

"I came across your posts on the Hubspot partner forum ... Have you heard of Objective Management's assessment and is it as good as they say it is? "

"Your profile showed up in a side bar for another one of my connections. Evidently, people that have viewed one of my connection's profile has also viewed your profile. Being a salesperson and a leader of a sales organization, your profile interested me. Salespeople should always be looking for leads, so I dropped by to see what you were about."

So, if you're an employer, do you really want your salespeople to be totally dependent on you for leads. Will they develop a feeling of entitlement? If they develop a presence or a reputation and use it to generate leads and business, doesn't that help your business? And, if they were to develop a big reputation and didn't need your leads at all, wouldn't that allow you to hire another salesperson?

If you're a solopreneur, and you want to grow a company, doesn't it start with you? Doesn't your reputation and presence need to be the seed that gets your company started? And, if you ever want to start something else, launch a new offering, don't you want people watching, listening and believing in you?

And if you're a salesperson, will you have this job for the rest of your life or will you someday start a company, become a consutant, or move on to a new job? When/if you do, will you want to start all over or will you want some people that like, know and trust you to follow you into the new world.

RainMakers of old worked that network regularly. Cultivated relationships into a lifetime worth of evangelists. 21st Century Sales Rock Stars can use a combination of RainMaker skills and social media to develop a larger, stronger network than their predecessors.

Do you know what it takes to be a Sales Rock Star?

Do you want to be the next Sales Rock Star?

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