Sales Prospects Are Not Sheep

Elaine and I went to Mass at St. Joseph's in Biddeford this weekend. Father Ron starts off his sermon with, "Will all the sheep please stand up?"

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Silly Saturday Sales Lesson for Inbound Leads


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100% Referrals vs. 100% Inbound Marketing

You've probably heard it before. I started my business in 1986. I had no money and not a lot of brains. I'd been in the industry for less than a year, but I did know how to make cold calls. So, I started. 30 cold calls every morning before noon. Spend the rest of the day following up on the promises that I made and received on the calls. I made thousands of cold calls in the first year of my business, but I didn't make any in year 2. I learned how to ask for and get referrals.

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Sales Leads Entitlement

I watched part of “Meet the Press” this weekend, and learned that Supreme Court Justice Scalia had said something like “…racial entitlement was difficult to undo”. It got me thinking about entitlement(s) in general.

Remember this scene and quote from "A Few Good Men"?

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Sales Leads

February was an eye-opener!

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