Sales Leads Entitlement

I watched part of “Meet the Press” this weekend, and learned that Supreme Court Justice Scalia had said something like “…racial entitlement was difficult to undo”. It got me thinking about entitlement(s) in general.

Remember this scene and quote from "A Few Good Men"?

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RainMakers, Sales Rock Stars, & Salespeople - What's the Difference?

I signed up, paid for and attended Sandler Sales training almost 30 years ago. Back then, Sandler training was sold to individual salespeople rather than companies. As a matter of fact, at the beginning of the first class, the trainers often asked, "How many people paid to be here and how many were 'sent'?" Eventually, the Sandler guys switched from selling to individuals to selling to companies. Easy decision...bigger money.

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Topics: rainmaker traits, Sales, sales rock star traits

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