Expertise vs. B.S.

Suppose that you wanted to grow sales. According to the Inbound Marketing folks, you'll go to Google and do a search. What will you search for?

Sales Trainer? Sales Consultant? Sales Coach? Sales Expert? Sales Seminars? Salesperson? Sales Rock Star? Sales RainMaker? RainMakerMaker? Startup Sales? Sales Recruiter?

Will you include the word "experienced" in your search?

Will you include your industry in the search?

Or will you just search for "How to Grow Sales" or "How to Get My First Customers" or "How to Build a Lasting Consultancy"?

Let me make an analogy. Lawyers work for the benefit of their clients. Even if they're guilty, a defense lawyer's job is to get a "not guilty" verdict. Sometimes it's by getting evidence or testimony disallowed. Sometimes it's a legal maneuver. Sometimes it's making a case to the common man. Citizens are sometimes upset when a guilty defendant gets off due to a technicality or the defense attorney using the system.

Sometimes I think that keywords and SEO are similar to the defense lawyer getting his guilty defendant off. If someone uses a keyword on their blog, website or social media profiles, does that really make it so? If you happen to rank for a key word that I use in my search, couldn't that be gaming the system?

Let me suggest another use of the internet.

Rather than searching Google, search your network. Ask your LinkedIn connections, groups, people on your vendor lists and customer lists, your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, Tribes, circles, yada yada yada, "Do you know a good sales coach?"

See what they say.

Seriously, what should you believe, someone that you know, trust or want to emulate recommending someone's expertise or the B.S. that might be behind a key word?

(Sorry, John.)

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