Goals: Yours > Mine = Special Offer

OK. So, maybe I'm not too old to:

  • learn from someone younger?
  • try something new?
  • have a greater impact?

If you've been following along, you should know that I've been pretty focused on who my ideal client is. In short, I've been looking for good salespeople that want to amp it up and be lifetime rock stars. I've written several articles, but this one probably describes my candidate the best. When I found the right person, we typically worked together for 3-6 months and I charged them $12-$25K+ for the engagement. Most of them achieved singularity (i.e. #1) or went on to become great sales leaders

Although I am proud of every one of them, I know that it wasn't me. It was them. They had it and all I did was help them find it.

You may remember this article, specifically the story about the former client in the second paragraph. He called our engagement a success even though I didn't. Why? He made his company profitable in a month. So, he was happy with what he got for his money. I wasn't because I don't think he reached his potential.

This is gonna hurt.

Who cares what I think? If he doesn't dream of changing the world, who am I to say he's wrong? If he's happy with $200-$240K/year, what gives me the right to say he's worth double?

OK. So, this is what worked for him.

  • He took the OMG Entrepreneurial Sales Assessment.
  • He and I talked 3-4 times a week for 15-20 minutes at a time.
  • He sent several emails and scripts for my review and comment.
  • After 4 weeks, we parted ways and he was happy.

If you would like to do a 30 day turnaround like he did, book a call. The first call will be no charge. (Just click "PrePaid? Yes")

  • You'll need to know what you'd like me to help you do during the next month.
  • We'll talk for 15-20 minutes and you'll need to decide whether or not you want my help.

There's only one of me. So this offer is open to the first 12 takers and will expire at noon EDT on 9/27.


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