LinkedIn 'Trolls' or Legit 'Disruptors'

So, yesterday, I got a message with the subject line, "He clearly doesn't know what he's talking about" and a link to this comment on LinkedIn. I read the blog post and, quite frankly, found it so far off the mark that I'm embarrassed for the author. The 'experiment' that he described left so many unanswered questions that the conclusion became irrelevant. I've met many 'hot shot' salespeople that did very well at a job for many years, but when they left for 'greener pastures, they didn't fair as well for a variety of reasons. You might expect that industry & product might matter, but market position, management's style, lead gen and many other factors can influence success in a new position. If you nail the profile of success, you can definitely eliminate some candidates that will fail.

However, then I found this article and decided that Jay might care more about disrupting than helping salespeople get better. Seriously? "If sales coaches were any good, they'd stop coaching and go sell to make real money?" What kind of an attitude is that?

So, I ask you. Is this guy a troll or a disruptor.

May I go further? He does point out that management hates hot shots. I agree. They're difficult to manage. Mediocre reps fill in the CRM fields, but don't get better until they want to and realize that their manager and their company will not help them become a hot shot. They don't need the headaches.

Have you set your goal for 2022? How about this?

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