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If you haven't already read Essential Tools, we'll wait while you catch up.

You can see Joe Jerome's comment below the post.

I got an interesting email that asked, "What does he use if he’s not using;  Google? Microsoft? Apple? iPhone? Android? Desktop? Laptop? Tablet? Car? Airline?" Think about it. Do you know anybody that doesn't use at least one of those?

One reader replied, "Who cares what I think?" I opted him out of email. Seriously, what kind of response is that?

So, what did you think about when you read the quote in the last article?

Did you wonder how good a salesperson the writer was? Did you wonder if they were a better salesperson, would the boss have 'bought in'?

Did you wonder if the writer had spoken to any salespeople about any of the tools? Did you wonder if they weren't great salespeople? Did you wonder if they asked to speak to the boss? Did you wonder if the writer wouldn't put them together with their boss? Did the boss say no to the salesperson?

Did you wonder if the tool was cool or if it was the solution to a problem? What did the writer or salesperson pitch? A cool tool or a solution to a problem?

The writer specifically mentioned Inbound Marketing. Do you know that story? Before Hubspot, there was no Inbound Marketing. Brian Halligan didn't start selling software. He sold the concept of Inbound Marketing. Then, the buyer needed Hubspot software to manage their Inbound Marketing efforts. Find a problem. Sell the solution to the problem.

I started my blog on March 18, 2006 before Hubspot was born. I started blogging in my Hubspot portal on January 11, 2013. I already had an Inbound presence before I had Hubspot software. (Much like the writer from the last article.) I also use LinkedIn, Google and several other platforms multiple times every day, but if somebody took all my tools away today, I'd probably still make a sale tomorrow because before I had the tools, I made a lot of sales. So, Kudos to the writer whose boss said no, but did it anyway.

Remember, a fool with a tool is still a fool, but a rock star will make it happen with or without.

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