Sales Obstacles June 1, 2015

Ripped from the headlines...

This week, we talked to a marketing agency owner that wanted to introduce us to his "biggest" client because he was generating leads for his client, but the client was not closing new customers. When he asked his client if they wanted to meet us, his client fired him.

  1. This is what we've been talking about. Marketing and sales are not two different things. If the marketing process, sales process and buying process don't start on exactly the same page and stay totally synchronized from attraction to evangelization, the relationship is doomed. Click for solution.
  2. If you have to ask permission to make a referral, you shouldn't bother. You haven't earned the right because you are not seen as a 'trusted advisor'. This also means that your relationship is subject to constant scrutiny and approval and you'll be replaced as soon as a cheaper alternative or better salesperson comes along. Click for solution.

We also talked to two older consultant-types that were both using Hubspot. They're both getting prospects to their forms. One of them replies with "schedule a demo" the other replies with "check us out - attend a free meeting". This is an example of what we mean when we suggest "baby steps". Both of these consultants try to "Wow!" their prospect with a super-duper presentation, 101 ways to close a sale and their awesome ability to handle objections, just like they did in the 1970's! I feel bad for them, but until they change, they'll struggle. Click for solution.

A stranger booked a call on our calendar. His agenda included "I started a Software Company", "hope to get more larger companies" and "purchasing leads .... to do some cold calling but have not had success". Click for solution. When I acknowledged the appointment, I asked for his website and LinkedIn urls. He replied, "I am in the process of getting the site re designed and updated. I am not on linked in." OMG! Click for solution.

We have dozens of conversations every week. These are real life. If your real life isn't everything that you want it to be, maybe we should have a conversation. Have you read "Inbound Sales Enablement" and "Hubspot vs. LinkedIn vs. ???"?

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