Stop doing your prospects' job!

Seems like 100 years ago, but when I showed Pete Caputa how to get prospects to write their own proposals and he learned that they always said yes to their own proposals, he commented that it was a huge time saver.No more rewrites. No more negotiation. No more prospects going dark.

But that's only one way that salespeople waste time with prospects.

How many times do you have to offer times to speak before you find one that works? Tuesday at ___ or ___? No, how about Thursday at ___ or ___? Sorry. Later Thursday or next week? Back and forth. I send my calendar link. They pick a time. If they don't within a few hours, I reply, "Nothing works?"

Yesterday, a rep that thinks he's awesome asked if I was available Thursday or Friday afternoon. I replied, "looks like early Th PM. I never work Fri > noon. Try this?" He didn't book a call. Sometime next week, I'll ask, "Nothing worked?" He'll probably reply that he wasn't available earlier on Thursday or Friday. He may have been hoping for after 5 availability. Don't know. Can't read his mind. His problem. Now, if he can't ask me if I'm available at a particular time, how is he gonna nail down a prospect that's playing hard to get, not interested or busy? Can you guess where he needs help?

Did you notice that my booking form asks, "What are we talking about?" and it's a mandatory field? If they give a vague response, I might ask, "_____ seems kind of vague. Can you be more specific?" If they don't reply, I'll ask, "No reply? Did you change your mind about speaking?"

It's the prospect's job to have an issue to talk about. If they have that, they'll have something to gain by talking with you and you won't have to chase them. They'll drive the process.

How many other ways do you waste time with prospects? Do you know that some issues can be fixed in a week? Call me, email me or use the chat button.

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