Starting a New Sales Job (or Starting Over)

Yesterday, Pete Caputa’s article Sales People Can (and Should) Blog Too prompted me to make a rather long (for me) comment. I was simultaneously having a conversation on LinkedIn about some of the dumb stuff that we do and that resulted in this Homer Simpson-esque article titled 101 Sales/Marketing Mistakes (That I'm Never Gonna Make Again!). Then, this morning, Greg Brown posted an update to LinkedIn titled, 34 Must-Have Tools to Launch your Startup from Idea to Exit.

…and I found myself reflecting on the way I built my business and what I would do differently today. I also found myself thinking about all the Hubspot Partners that I’ve spoken with lately, whose prospects have built their businesses with cold calls (think hedge funds, telemarketers, time shares, credit card consolidators, etc.), networking/referrals (think CPA’s, lawyers, financial advisors, etc.) or trade shows (think home/garden contractors, banks, manufacturers, chamber/association members) and some claim that they do it all plus spend oodles of money on advertising and traditional marketing.

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