Sales Prospects Are Not Sheep

Elaine and I went to Mass at St. Joseph's in Biddeford this weekend. Father Ron starts off his sermon with, "Will all the sheep please stand up?"

One person stood up.

Then Fr. Ron reminded us that this weeks gospel shares, "My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me." and last week, Jesus told Peter, "Feed my lambs. Feed my sheep."

We are the sheep. Why didn't we stand up?

Fr. Ron points out some of the characteristics of sheep. They're stupid, defenseless and they smell bad. Then he asks, "Now, will the sheep stand up?" (Everybody laughs.)

His point was that although most of the attendees knew that they 'should' have stood up because they were sheep in the biblical sense of the word, they didn't want to be identified as sheep in the connotative sense of the word.

Are you making that same mistake in your sales process? Are you assuming that your reader, lead or prospect is ready to stand up and announce to everybody watching that they are a sheep in every sense of the word? If you go too fast? If you take big steps? If you make assumptions or jump to conclusions? Don't you run the risk of having sheep that know that they're sheep keep on sitting down?

Example: If you're reading this, you probably have clients or customers. If you have clients or customers, you can probably think of a client or customer that didn't buy, but should have. Do you know why? Were they sheep, but weren't ready to admit it? What happened?

  1. Have you debriefed?
  2. Were your processes aligned?
  3. Was there a glitch?
  4. Are there more unanswered questions?

If you are a Hubspotter and have ever watched someone not buy when they should have, where did you lose it?

BTW, if you don't know the answers to the 4 questions above and/or you don't know where you lose it and/or you can't be objective about yourself, contact me. (No charge for the first call.)

Topics: sales ready leads, sales process, sales & marketing alignment

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