Talent and Denial

How many times have you heard someone say, "2020. What a year!" It was quite a year and perhaps in the way that the speaker intended, but, with your permission, may I offer another perspective?

The gospel and sermon on November 15th was about the parable of the talents. Now, I know that I've heard that story many times before, but I'm not sure that I've ever interpreted it the way I am today. (The passage is only 400 words if you'd like to read it.)

So, my short version is that we are given particular talents and if we invest, we will be rewarded in proportion to our investment and if we fear and do not invest, we will be banished to that darkness.

  • How many Americans got a stimulus check last spring and started waiting for the next handout the next day (and are still waiting)?
  • How many sales reps have reduced quotas and are still missing them?
  • How many sales reps and Owner Ollies have switched from changing the world to survival?

Now, you may remember that I've been talking about retirement for a while. My last 2019 engagement ended in mid-January, 2020. We went to Montana in February to visit Annabel. We were planning a trip to Florida to visit friends on 3/15 and frankly, I wasn't missing working with clients. 3/13 - Covid shutdown becomes official. Cancel Florida. Start watching Covid updates.

In early June, this guy hires me again to get to the next level.

Also got a call from a guy that's been growing steadily from $250K in 2006 to $800K in 2019. He wants me to help him do over $1M in 2021 and set him up to exceed $2M in 2025.

Got an invitation to connect in April 2019 that ended with this exchange.

  • Me:You the top performer?

  • Him:Yeah, if not first a very hungry second😂
  • Me:Some guys are never satisfied.

  • Him:Seriously...what's my problem😂

  • Him: (After I suggested an article on goals and motivation.) Interesting, I thought my wife wanted security...she wants a plan. Let's plan to pay off the house, take these 4 trips a year. Go to the fair,etc. Some good insight. Plan it is.

We had a couple of additional skirmishes.

Finally, on September 22, 2020 (17 months) he contacts me and asks if I can make him a millionaire in 3 years like I did the first guy that I referenced above.

I replied, "Have you changed, because I sure as hell haven't?"

He replied, "I have, I need your help. I can't teach myself to tie my shoes either....
New job/career , #1 need to keep it #2 want to be the best at this, once in a lifetime opportunity."

We started working together that day. His goal is to sell $20M/year which will earn him $600K/year.

He's doing great. One twist... One of his co-workers earned $100K in October. Guess who's upping his goals in the middle of a freaking pandemic?

There are more examples, but let me summarize. Notice that each one of these guys wants something badly? Notice that each one of these guys stopped denying that they needed to change and that they needed help to change? Notice that each one of these guys didn't rely on the talents that they already had, but invested in themselves to develop the additional talents that were required to get to where they wanted to be? Notice that none of these guys tried to blame Covid, Trump, civil unrest or anything else?

Are you in denial? Have you given up on 2020? How about 2021? Survival or change the world?

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