Yesterday's Impact on Me

Woke up yesterday to heavy rain, chilly temperatures and Day 49 of Quarantine. So, I started...

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The Proverbial Rock and a Hard Place

We've been watching some people make some really tough decisions over the past couple of months. Many of the decisions are between two very undesirable choices and the decision makers have found themselves between a rock and a hard place.

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Who are you smarter than?

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Darwin, Einstein & The Covid-19 Recession

I know! I know! Nobody's called it the Covid-19 Recession. That doesn't mean I'm wrong.

However, you DO have to decide which smart guy can get you out of it. No, I'm not talking about me or Halligan. It's about Darwin or Einstein.

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Sales Bottlenecks

I don't remember writing about this before, but I hear it often and it happened again yesterday.

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I published my first ever blog post at 10:45 AM on March 18th, 2006. First………..What is a RainMaker? had 439 words, 7 paragraphs and here's the rest of that stuff. It probably didn't change your world, but it changed mine.

I hope that you enjoy today's story.

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3 Steps to Thrive Rather Than Survive

Did you read Surviving or Soaring thru the Recession? If you didn't, feel free. Then come back. If you did, remember we talked about

  1. Understanding?
  2. No cold calls?
  3. No hard closing?

So, what DO you do?

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Surviving or Soaring thru the Recession

Crazy freaking coronavirus, quarantines, forced closures, delayed primaries, 401K shock, what else?

Economists and business leaders are comparing the current situation to the events of 2008 and 2001.

I just read an article titled 3 Steps you must take to save your company...

Respectfully, I have my own experience and my own thoughts.

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#FF - Fun Friday - How a Rep can screw up w/AI


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Salespeople, Sales Coaches and Hiring Both

The rest of the title is...

and how to make sure they support your mission.

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