How do you know what you're capable of?

I wrote and published this in August, but updated it to republish 11/7.

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Doctors, Salespeople and Hammers

What a week! I don't even know where to start. Let's start with an article that Mark Roberge socialized.

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SDRs, BDRs & Cold Calls

I wrote How to Fix Your Pipeline in August a few weeks ago. One of my 'sales leader' readers sent me a private comment. While I had his attention, I asked if he thought that I should write on any particular topic. He replied, "generating appointments through a cold calling SDR or BDR team is a common issue these days."

By all means, go read the other article, but get ready because I have several thoughts on cold calls.

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Hold your tongue!

Another true story ripped from everyday life.

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When will I learn?

Another 90 degree day. We have a houseful at the beach.

Elaine asks me, "What should we have for dinner?

Me: "Steak on the barbecue?"


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"You're Dead to Me"

In the past two weeks, I've written two articles titled "Coding Prospects" and "Liam Neeson Style Results". I deleted them both.

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"Closed - Lost"

True story...

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Relevant Blog Articles

It's gonna be a beach day today. So, I'll make this short.

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#1 Way to Kill a Sale

There are hundreds of ways to kill a sale. However, not all salespeople have the same #1 and unfortunately, some salespeople have several #1's. Today, they don't get to the decision-maker, tomorrow they talk too much and don't ask questions and the following day, they can't handle the prospect that wants to shop around or think about it. Sales managers (who may be dealing with their own stuff) often find themselves asking, "Didn't I tell you how to do that last week?" It's a real dilemma for everybody involved, the salesperson, their manager, and the VP or CEO as well as the prospects and customers. How's a buyer to know what's real?

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Have you found your 'Magic Bullet'?

I should warn you that I started this article a month ago, before spring had sprung.  Springtime has always been a time when salespeople wake up and realize that if they don't change something drastically, this year will be just like the others. Been busy with them.

So, we begin by setting the stage...

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