3 Changes to Grow Sales Once and Forever

If you've been following on LinkedIn lately, you may have noticed 

a few client emails that I shared anonymously.

I apologize. I'm not bragging. It's not me. Let me share the science behind their success.

Interestingly, half of these people don't work for the company that they worked for when they hired me and if you looked at more of my clients, you'll notice that most of them continue their success whether or not they change employers.

Also interesting is that most of my clients understand the difference between scaling and selling. Some use their sales abilities to break personal sales and individual producer records and others use their sales abilities to scale the sales abilities of their sales force.

Being a sales rock star allows a rep to choose between staying/leaving when outside offers arise or taking promotions when offered rather than always looking for a better job or trying to get promoted. They can choose to produce or choose to lead.

OK, so what are the 3 changes that you need to make in order to take control of your sales growth today (or soon) and keep control forever?

Big picture - it's not a secret. Most sales gurus talk about some version of fixing your heart, your head and your body. Think about it. It's simple.

  • If your heart's not in it...
  • If your head's not in it...
  • If your body can't do it...

It ain't happening.

Here's the problem. Sales managers, sales leaders and employers typically hire sales gurus to train salespeople how to do stuff (prospect, demo, qualify, close, handle objections, follow a process, etc.), and some of this is important, but it only fixes the body. It teaches salespeople what to do and perhaps how to do it, but it doesn't help if deep down the rep's heart doesn't care about 'the mission' or if the rep has a belief or experience that will prevent them from doing what's asked.

Worse, what's in a rep's heart and mind might be very personal and not shareable with a manager or employer for fear of affecting the image of the rep. So, they try, but struggle because the head and heart usually win out over the body.

These are three articles that I wrote for sales leaders who are trying to figure out how to get reps to perform by understanding their head (Sales DNA), heart (Will to Sell) and body (selling competencies).

You may also enjoy this series that explains the selling competencies in more detail.

There's a lot here. Perfect for reading while on break.

Let me close with two thoughts for 2022.

Screenshot_20211129-181131_One UI Home

and when my clients realized that if they wanted to improve, they needed to do it, not their sales manager or employer. If you're thinking that 1Q22 might be your time to change and you'd like to ask questions, I've opened up a few times next week.

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