New Articles on Selling Competencies vs Scaling

I've had some interesting conversations this week with sales leaders as well as reps. They were interesting in that both complained about the same issue.

These might sound different, but read slowly and think about it.

"Customer Success Reps are really good at asking questions that uncover reasons to renew, but they are not able to ask questions that will lead the customer to buy something else that the company funnel2offers. They're also not able to ask questions that will get them introduced (referred) to new potential customers."

"Marketing isn't delivering nearly enough leads and the ones that they are delivering aren't good. Covid has decimated businesses by affecting not only the business, but the business's customers. The business can't sell to sick people and we can't sell to the business. It's the domino effect. We've had millions of website visitors that have filled out a form, had a conversation, seen a demo and maybe even bought, but the conversation usually ends with no sale and no referral."

Last week I wrote about a Last Hurrah. Tomorrow, I will publish the first of 10 articles on each of the 10 Selling Competencies. Please note that there are 21 Sales Core Competencies all together. So, I won't have time to address Sales DNA or Will to Sell competencies before 4th quarter starts, but whether you're a sales leader or an individual rep, fix the right competency and you'll fix the problem.

If you have questions, feel free to ask.

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