4Q21 & 2022 Expectations

If you've been following along, on 9/16, I promised 10 New Articles on Selling Competencies. I published the last one yesterday. If you missed any, you can read them all here.

At the end of the last article, I promised a special offer. Here it is.

What do you expect to do by year end?

What do you hope for in 2022?

What have you accomplished so far this year?

How has Covid affected you and/or your business?

Has it stopped affecting you and/or your business?

Did you set a goal for 2020 and 2021?

  • Did you attain your 2020 goal?
  • Are you on track to attain your 2021 goal?

Have you started thinking about what you want to do in 2022?

  • Are you randomly picking a number or % increase?
  • Do you know specifically what it will change in your life?

Have you read this article on becoming a millionaire by 30?

Have you read the series on Selling Competencies?

How do you know what you're capable of? shares this story:

"A few years ago, a rep hired me saying, "I've been trying to crack the $200,000 commission mark for five years. It's December and I'm gonna be at $180K this year. I'm hiring you to insure that I hit it next year. He had $200K in by May. Once you start seeing the changes taking place, you begin to believe and expect more from yourself."

So, if these questions have got you thinking and wondering what might be possible, you may want to share your answers with me.

What if you exceeded your 4Q21 income goal by $20, 30, 50K?

What if you doubled or tripled your income in 2022?

How would that affect your life?

Most clients have worked with me for 3 - 6 months. A few (who accepted new roles) extended to 12-24 months.

This October only, we can start with a six week program.

  • You will take the OMG Sales Evaluation and receive your own personalized Sales Insights report.
  • We will talk 1:1 several times/week about real sales situations, including
    • How to get more/better appointments.
    • Getting decision makers involved
    • Finding budget
    • Getting prospects to really listen
    • and any other obstacle that's keeping you from getting there.

At this point, you may be wondering what's possible. If you're willing to try, we'll supercharge your efforts and results. Watch it work and if you're seeing results that you never imagined, we can opt to extend.

If you'd like to share the answers to the questions above, ask a few of your own and get the details on working together, book a call.

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