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10 Things I Do that Sales Managers Should Too

I'm not gonna do a lot of set up here. This list is for sales managers whose job it is to get salespeople to sell more today than they did yesterday. It's not for founders, CEOs or sales VPs when they're thinking strategically about scaling growth, but it could be for those same leaders when they are managing salespeople because they don't have a sales manager. Whether you have one salesperson or ten salespeople, these ten things will help you grow them individually and consequently grow your team sales bigger than you ever imagined.

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Sales Starting Points

Yesterday, I was driving to a restaurant with Elaine, Jack and Pete.

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How to get a website visitor to call you

If you read my last article, you may have gotten the idea that I think that Drift is cool and helps reps engage with website visitors and nurture them through the buying process. Today, I'm sharing another real exchange that you will love.

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'Drift'ing with customers

This is the unedited exchange between Chris Queen at Brand Builder Solutions and Max Seller, a visitor to the Brand Builder website. Notice that there are 20 back and forths in 19 minutes.Notice that the entire exchange used 374 words (less than 19 words per chat). Notice also that there is a 5 hour time difference between Chris and Maurice.

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Are your assumptions killing your business?

Actually, my client really asked, "Are you making assumptions that cost you money?" But isn't it more than money? Have you ever lost a client that you thought was happy? Have you ever lost a deal because you assumed that when they said that 'money was no object' they meant that they had enough and the authority to spend it? Have you ever decided to pitch someone and after hours, days or weeks, they tell you that their boss's, boss's, boss's boss has a friend that's gonna get the business?

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How to close sales without closing

You probably know that I'm older than dirt and my mother and my wife have made sure that I've attended mass on Sunday more often than not. You may also know that occasionally I write about a sales lesson that I see in the sermon that week. Elaine and I are visiting Beau this week and this time it was Father Joseph Carver that shared the lesson.

Understand that I've heard the story about the Samaritan woman at the well a gazillion times, but never the way Father Carver told it and that's probably why I could see the lesson this time. (I wish I had recorded the sermon.)

Here we go...

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The ONE word that KILLS sales

If you're a CEO, send this article to your sales managers. If you're a sales manager send it to your salespeople.

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Olympic Scoring and Sales

I was watching ice dancing last night and got curious about the scoring components. I Googled it and found a few sources. Then I started thinking sales.

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Sales Quants

Do you know or follow any sales scientists?

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Sales Managers' First and Biggest Mistake

So, what do you think? Accountability? Availability? Training? Coaching?

Maybe, but they're not usually the first mistake.

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