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Are you a closer?

I've been selling for a few years. I've been using the OMG sales evaluation for over a decade. Yesterday, a conversation hit me like a sledge hammer to the forehead. I hope you enjoy the story and the lesson.

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3 Changes for 2019 That Will Impact Coaching

I've heard Don Battis say, "Rick and I are both retired, but neither of us is very good at it." It's true, but I think I'm getting better at it. He's had 4 gigs since he retired. I've only had one. However...

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#FF - Fun Friday Post - Importance of Clarifying Questions (a/k/a Listen/Ask)

The whole lesson in 35 words on the next page.
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November Sales Priorities

Will you be training your salespeople in November and December? Are you crazy? They're already short months and you're gonna take them away from doing the stuff that will help them hit quota? I wrote about this yesterday. With your permission, I'd like to focus on what you should do for the rest of the year.

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3 Questions to see if 4Q is already lost

Assuming that you have a plan and know where you are for the year and all you have to do is execute. Have you done the analysis and asked and answered the questions on the next page?

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What do you sell?

...and are you selling yourself short?

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Why I write short articles

Three reasons...

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Selling vs Helping vs Fixing

Another story from a real coaching call...

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As Good As It Gets

   I've quoted this As Good As It Gets before, but never from this perspective.

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How to Scale: Young vs Old

I've talked to a few young-ish entrepreneurs lately that were interested in "picking my brain", "using me as a sounding board", and/or "my mentorship" so that they could scale their company. They don't typically talk about how they want to change their customer's world, or what's in it for me or anybody else that they want to help them. I emphasize the "young-ish", not because they're less experienced or intelligent than the old guys. Rather, because the old guys typically have one of two motivations....

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