The #1 Reason to Hire a Coach

There are many reasons to hire a coach, but there's only one #1. This story says it perfectly.

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Selling "Children"

Remember your first job in sales? 1 Corinthians 13:11-12 reads, 

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Science vs. Statistics

Remember Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber?

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Don't look down! The Science of Goal Setting

You've probably heard of the acronym S M A R T to use when setting goals. How does "Don't Look Down" affect SMART?

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Sales Managers - Solution or Problem?

Is your answer, "What day is it?" Have you ever heard that "A" players won't work for "C" managers.

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Artificial Intelligence in Sales

Yesterday, a new CEO asked, "What if we're at the beginning of the end of sales? .... aren't computers significantly better at taking a set of complex inputs and making a recommendation? What's left to automate?"

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Applying the Science of Sales to Your Company

First, start with a self evaluation.

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Is your ego in the way?

Who has the bigger ego, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

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Sales Naiveté and Domestic Violence

I watched the most recent episode of Blue Bloods last night. Nicky did a 'ride along' with Jamie as part of a school project.

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Presidential Thoughts

I, probably like you, watched the events of the past year or so that led up to Donald Trump's inauguration last Friday and the world's reaction since. Who was president when you were born? Has any president impacted your development? When did you start paying attention? What do you remember?

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