Sales Quants

Do you know or follow any sales scientists?

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Sales Managers' First and Biggest Mistake

So, what do you think? Accountability? Availability? Training? Coaching?

Maybe, but they're not usually the first mistake.

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Who is your next sales rock star?

This article is about exchanges that I had with three sales leaders in 2017.

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Would you hire them again?

If you know me, you know that I'm pretty good at making good salespeople great. Not bragging. I just know how to pick them. Do you know the answers to these three questions?

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Do you have any references?

Does anybody ever ask you that? What do you do?

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Sales Rock Stardom for Teams

If you've been following for a while, you know that I love growing and working 1:1 with sales rock stars and as you know, I've had some success. Last month, I had a couple of conversations with my son, Mark that resulted in this article. That's blossomed into a whole new program.

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Who cares what you think?

I had this conversation at 9 AM this morning.

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Are you a Sales VP or CSO?

Been talking with my son, Mark Roberge.

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What Don't You Know That You Don't Know?

This is a guest post by Jo Shaer. She is the founder of Lollipop and a trusted advisor to directors in the professional services sector who want to use the internet to grow their business. 

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Un-Asked Questions Kill

I posted an update on LinkedIn yesterday that was a screenshot of someone that didn't want to be identified.

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