Hunting Competency... Still Necessary?

If you rewind the clock a few decades, you'll probably be reminded that when most employers were looking to hire a salesperson, they were looking for someone that could 'hunt' up some new opportunities and 'close' the deals. Mostly, with one exception, they were looking for someone that could go door to door or would make telephone cold calls to find business. The one exception

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Reaching Decision Makers Competency

This is a short article that will make it's point quickly.

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Consultative Selling Competency

So, I asked myself, "Should I start where they're strongest?" (Only 3% of over 2 million salespeople are weak presenters.) or "Should I start where they're weakest?"

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New Articles on Selling Competencies vs Scaling

Originally published 3 months ago. Updated with the links to the specific competency articles.

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Last Hurrah? Sep 20, 2021

I, like you, probably spent at least some of the past weekend remembering 9/11. I also listened to some 'talking head' comparing the patriotism created by 3,000 American lives lost that day and the lack of a similar effect by the 700,000 American lives lost to Covid, but that's not what this is about.

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What is YOUR #1 Thing?

You know how sometimes a series of unrelated events can cause an awakening, like at dawn? Like an answer you've been looking for or the solution for a situation that you've been dealing with or 'all of a sudden' realizing the path you should take or confirmation that you're doing the right thing.

That happened to me this week.

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Reps, BDRs, AEs, CSRs ... What's the difference?

Amazon is not perfect! Sometimes not even the second time. Here's the story.

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Does your sales training target the right competency?

Remember the last time that your reps attended a 'mandatory training' on a topic that most knew inside out? How do you spell "B-O-R-I-N-G" or "total waste of time"?

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Sales VP: How much did your sales force cost you this week?

So, today a rep that hired me to help him asked me, when should I introduce you to my CRO?  He wants me to convince his CRO to reimburse him for his ongoing coaching with me. He's the top rep in his company and he wants to stay that way. It's good to keep ahead of the competition, right? But, is the rep's head on straight?

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Do people read what you publish (Secret Sauce)

Do you publish to a blog or on LinkedIn? Have you ever been disappointed in the number of people that read and/or comment? Me too. Wanna know a secret?

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